Wedding Limo Decor

Did someone call for wedding themed party bus decorations?

I admit, it’s probably not the first thing you think of on a wedding day, but it somehow ends up feeling essential!  It seems like the traditional bride & groom car send-off is fading.  There isn’t as much opportunity to decorate a car for the newlywed couple.  I decided to bring some of those touches inside the wedding party limo.  What’s needed?  A “Just Married” sign and a classed up “tin can alternative”.

What’s needed to craft the above? Patience, creative mood, and the following:


“Just Married” Sign

1 Black foam board

1 Spool of tulle

Tacky glue

1-2″ Poly foam brush

Bling (sequins, beads, and sparkle)

X acto knife and scissors

Refine the shape of the basic foam block.  Use an x acto knife to carve away sections of the blocky square shape.  Map out the spacing and shapes of the lettering.  Stencils may be used if you’re not comfortable with free hand.

Treat the tacky glue as if its paint.  Create a palette for yourself, dishing out a fair to large amount of glue into a disposable bowl.  Dab the foam brush into glue and begin to “paint” the lettering.  As a best practice, start with 1-2 letters at a time.  You don’t want the glue to dry before the application of glitz.  Mindfully place a combination of beads and sequins over the wet glue.  Continue through to complete the message.

Let dry overnight.  With an x acto knife or large sturdy hole punch, create holes in the top corners to loop through ribbons of tulle for hanging.

“Tin Can Alternatives”

Styrofoam craft spheres

Cupcake liners

Pearl tipped sewing pins

Hot glue gun & glue

Craft string

Purchase several packs of decorative cupcake liners varying in shape and size.  This project uses a surprisingly large quantity of liners to cover the entire surface.  Feed a pin through the center of a cupcake liner.  At the bottom base, place a dime sized amount of hot glue and push into the styrofoam.  Be prepared to have hot fingers and glue string overload!  Alternate and space the patterns and sizes to cover the ball.  Tie and loop a bit of craft string to the top of a craft pin, add a dab of hot glue and center into the top of the ball.  This serves as the anchor for hanging.

Happy decorating!



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