Fall Book Club

The change in season brings some of my favorite things; fall colors, football, sweaters, tall socks, and holiday parties!  I had tried to organize a book club this time last year.  Our first (and turned out to be only) meeting went off fabulously!  The book, coming with very high ratings from myself, was A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.

Hosting a large affair sometimes isn’t the easiest.  For this party, I had asked all guests to bring a dessert or appetizer to pass, while I would provide the cocktails.  A host has a lot going on.  The house has to be clean, the kitchen cannot be covered with dirty dishes from meal prep, and of course, there are all of the decor and favor details to attend to.

Any of /A/MY Parties have to be fairly stylized and themed.  Working with the framework of the novel and the changing season I came up with the below.  I’d recommend any of these ideas for fall season entertaining!

Witch Broom Favor Bags

1 package brown paper lunch bags

1 package black pipe cleaners

1 spool of orange ribbon


One favor bag will require 2 paper lunch bags.  Trim 1/3 off the top of the brown bags.  Cut the bottom off of half the bags.  You’ll have to stacks; those with bottoms and those without.  For the first  set of bags, fill with candy.  Attend to the second half of the bottomed out bags by shredding/cut up strips of the “broom’s bristles”.  Leave about 1/2″ around the top to maintain the shape.  Overlay the witch broom bag on the candy filled bag.

Take 2 pipe cleaners and twist together for the broom handle.  Insert into the center of the witch’s broom. Tie with a ribbon and display for your guests!

Witch Broom Favor Bag

Orange and Clove Potpourri



This is a such a simple way to freshen up the room and add to the party’s ambience.  Insert cloves artfully throughout a whole orange.  If you’d like you can add an artistic touch by carving designs out of a thin layer of the orange peel.  Use a small paring knife.  Display throughout your home to add fragrance and party swag.

Orange & Clove Potpourri

Witches Brew Martinis

Serves 8

24 oz Pomegranate juice

8 oz Citrus flavored vodka

4 oz Triple Sec

Lime cut into wedges for garnish

Black Sugar to rim glasses

Witch’s broom cocktail picks

Tall appetizer toothpicks (they measure longer than the average toothpicks)



Hot glue/hot glue gun

Mixing the drink is self explanatory.  It’s the way in which this cocktail is served that makes it notable (or blogable in this sense).

To make the cocktail picks, trim raffia into 4 inch strips.  Bunch about 5 raffia strips together, fold over and around the top of the pick with hot glue.  You’ll need to prepare for hot fingers to get the raffia tightly adhered to the top of the stick.  Finish off with a small cutting of ribbon that’s wrapped around the base of the “broom” and add another small spot of hot glue.  Let dry and set.

Dip the glasses in lime juice and then in black sugar to rim the top. Serve the shaken and strained cocktail with a lime wedge.  A bartender adds a nice touch to an exclusively female club, although it’s not included. 🙂

Witches Brew Martini Fall Book Club


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