Bib Bouquet

I recently became an Auntie!  Well, not officially by blood, but this was one of the first of my friends to have a baby.  I was on pins and needles waiting for the arrival.  What did I do while I waited for that impending due date? Made a bib bouquet! I knew that I would want to bring a gift to the hospital visit.  I didn’t want to go with flowers (they’d probably get enough of those).  The most useful, practical, and crafty idea I could come up with was this bouquet.  Instead of flowers, or cupcakes, or candy, they’d get things that the baby could use! I really couldn’t find much information on the internet to get me started, so this is what I came up with.

Bib Bouquet: New Baby Gift

Cotton bibs

Burp cloths

Cotton onesies

Basket, tub, or container

Styrofoam half ball


8 in. lollipop sticks

Tissue paper

Bib Bouquet

Start by placing the half round Styrofoam ball into the center of the basket.  Set aside.  Take a bib and fold in half the long ways (hot dog style as it was referred to in grade school).  Place a lollipop stick on the inside of the bib, near the top where the Velcro closure is.  Place a pin in and around the stick to hold in place.  Roll the bib completely around the stick.  Use a second pin to hold the bib’s rose rolled shape.  Insert the ‘rose’ into the Styrofoam.  Continue until all bibs have been rolled.

Follow the same steps for burp cloths.  These will be larger pieces to work with.  Fold in half lengthwise as above, roll, and pin.  This rose will be a larger size.  Same with any onesies that are used.  Fold in the arms and legs, fold again in half ‘hot dog style’ and roll around the lollipop stick as tightly as possible.

Some online tutorials suggested using floral tape.  I started with that and it failed miserably.  I wouldn’t recommend wasting the investment.  The pins worked just fine. (You’ll note the floral tape disaster in this picture)Bib Bouquet

Strategically place the completed roses throughout the basket.  Finish with tissue paper and ribbon.   Finally, a baby gift that’s useful and gets many second-looks & compliments as its carried throughout the hospital!

Bib Bouquet

Newborn baby gift


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