Spooktacular Halloween Owl

Halloween season is upon us! What are you dressing up as this year? I usually tend to create my costumes rather than buy. I guess that’s just how I am with A/MY/ Crafting abilities. Inspiration for this year came from Martha Stewart’s Halloween edition magazine. I personally think I blew her rendition out of the water. Create your own spooktacular owl mask with the below.

Halloween Owl Mask

Large plastic frame glasses (remove the lenses if you prefer)
Stiffened felt
Hot glue gun

I started by popping the lenses out of the frames I’d purchased at Claire’s. (The owl costume isn’t quite complete without feathered eyelashes–they don’t mix with the lenses.)  Try to proportion the beak to the frames.  Create the cut so that its semi-rounded on the top and triangular at the bottom.  The stiffened felt works nicely because you’re able to get a good crease by just folding the beak in half.  Once folded, place hot glue around the inner nose of the frames.  Place and center the beak until it’s firmly affixed in place.

Halloween Owl Mask

From there, begin places feathers along the top corner of the glasses with hot glue.  The more feathers, the more fierce the mask.  Like the beak, hot glue the feathers on the inside of frames. Finish things off with rhinestones (i.e. bling from the product list) for extra flare. Halloween Owl Mask

Halloween Owl Mask

Idea soured from: “Owl Glasses.” Martha Stewart. http://www.marthastewart.com/853514/owl-glasses. Web. 23 Oct. 2013.

Happy Halloween! From one spooktacular owl to another! Cheers!

Owl Halloween Costume


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