Sharkbowl Holiday Gifting

As a Michigan State grad, one of our favorite spots on Grand River was The Landshark. The best drink to order, with a crowd, was a Sharkbowl. The cocktail (with an extreme punch) is literally served in a bowl with a fistful of straws and, if it was a lucky night, lots of shark gummy candies. Usually a crowd would order a couple of Sharkbowls with “teams” challenging each other to race to a finish.

While many of my college friends have moved away, I decided to recreate the infamous Sharkbowl as a surprise Christmas gift in the mail. I can see this being a fun crowd pleasing punch for upcoming gatherings (BCS Bowl Championship, Winter Olympics opening ceremony, the Super Bowl, etc). Note: The shark gummies are a must in this concoction!

12 oz cranberry juice
12 oz lemonade
12 oz lemon lime soda
12 oz soda water
2 shots tequila
2 shots rum
2 shots vodka
Dash of grenadine
Shark gummy candies

Mix, serve in a bowl over lots of ice, add a handful of straws, gather the crowd and ready-set-go!




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