Weekly Snack Prep!

Let’s be honest, staying on track during the week is hard! The days are busy and night time is tiring (especially if you make to the gym)! I find it’s easiest for me if I take some time either Sunday, or (like today) Monday, to prep some snacks to have on hand. Healthy things that are easy to grab and go are key. 

One of my favorite products for this are Kroger brand “portion control” snack bags. They have measurements right on the baggie. These are my go-to for almonds and dried tart cherries. Both of these healthy snacks become the opposite of that if you have too many! I measure out 1/4 cup of both and they’re ready for grabbing during the week.   

I also find that unless I prep, cut and wash produce all at once, it won’t get eaten. Today I bought two bunches of celery and immediately cut and washed the stalks to have in the fridge. The same goes with bell peppers. Because we don’t always eat these veg raw, most of the time I’ll pack up mini Tupperware containers of either peanut butter or hummus for dipping. 

It’s hard to stay on top of it but I find a week of healthy eating is made so much easier with some prep work at the beginning of the week. The prep keeps you in check!


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