Half Marathon Training

Running group week one was a success! The training schedule increases mileage over a series of weeks and tapers back down closer to the race. The program is linked to the Brooksie Way which is a very hilly course in Rochester Hills on September 27, 2015. This Thursday’s run was a cool 3 miles. Never thought I’d be relieved to say, “it’s just 3 miles tonight.” Next week, 4 miles; the following, 5 and so on. 

The key is good shoes, plenty of water (the day before and the day of the week’s long run), my bondi band headband and water belt! Since the run starts at 6:30pm, I make us a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich (on flatout bread) before hitting the pavement.  

  This year, my goal is to finish with a decent time, but moreso to commit to the training program’s daily homework. I think that’s where I struggled last year. It’s harder to keep up on a 10 or 12 mile run when you haven’t been logging any miles the rest of the week. I also decided to start with a smaller training interval this year, running 1:1’s. It made 3 miles seem easy, but when I get to those long runs I think that will be the best interval to work with (1 minute run:1 minute walk). 
Cheers to making /A/MY LIFESTYLE improvements and working toward a 13.1 hilly goal!